Caring for the Caregiver      

These days there are more and more baby boomers that are taking are of their aging parents.  This is no easy task.  There are wonderful places that the boomers can take their parents where they don’t have to worry about them, family atmospheres, great people and talented geriatric nurses.  One of those in Pueblo, Colorado is The Oasis Assisted Living Home.  There are wonderful people there taking loving care of their residents.  It’s a place you would be lucky to have your parents spend their time, surrounded by loving caregivers and great food.

For those who prefer to keep their parents either in their home or the parents home, it is VERY important for you to take care of yourself.  It’s very important when you are caring for your parents to do things to care for yourself.  You need to do things like hiring help for cleaning, doing errands or taking care of things around the house, whether it is your house, your parent’s house or both!

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